LOTD: Mauvey-Taupey

While filming a tutorial for you guys (coming up soon), I decided I should go for a neutral lip colour, but with a little twist to it. It quickly became my favourite lip for everydsay wear. Read more to find out how I got this lip!


I first used my MAC Lip Pencil in the shade Dervish, to line out my lips. I usually make them a bit bigger, but this time I went easy on the lips because of my eyes already being very round and big thanks to my eyeliner. I then applied Max Factor Colour Elixir lipstick in the shade 745 Burnt Caramel, a gorgeous neutral mauvey/ taupey shade – kind of like the Kylie Jenner 90s lip look. I love how this lipstick is super creamy and long lasting, plus super cheap as it is from the drugstore. For the lip liner, you can use any lip liner by the way, I decided to use one by MAC as it is the only lip liner I own.

To add a little twist to the lips, I decided to grab my Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette in Highlight  And grabbed the pink colour, which is called Pink Lights, from this palette. I then decided to pat it onto the lip liner and lipstick, creating a matte, but still kind of healthy shiny lip, making it not too ‘unrealistic’ looking.


I thought this was so gorgeous, I just had to share it with you guys! A very easy, neutral, yet kind of different lip colour which isn’t hard to wear at all. I realize this is a really easy twist / trick to apply to a lipstick, but it is definetely a favourite at the moment.


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