The Creative Blogger Award

So I got tagged for this by the lovely Laura Bruj- thank you so much for awarding me this and for thinking about me! I have wanted to do this for quite a while actually, so I’m relly happy someone nominated me and allowed me to do this tag!


T H E R U L E S :

1. Thank and post a link to the blog that nominated you,

2. Share five facts about yourself,

3. Nominate ten blogs and link them in this post (just kidding I’m doing five because I can),

4. Notify all nominees via their social media/blogs.


T H E F A C T S :

1. I own a PlayStation 4, but ever since the day I got it I barely ever played with it.

2. I’m an only child.

3. I started this blog around the end of December in 2013, around Christmas time, but I didn’t do anything with it and came back around August 2014. Thus, I consider my blogs one year anniversary in August 2015.

4. My boyfriend recently got me into WWE and I’m pretty much hooked! My favourite Diva is AJ Lee (did I mention I’m more in to Divas than the men wrestling?) and I love the storylines for everything and everyone!

5. I have terrible OCD, but I made some amazing progress on my anxiety and the OCD that comes with it recently, especially thanks to my amazing best friend and I’m super proud of myself!


N O M I N E E S :



Doves And Roses


Nameless Val


I hope you guys enjoyed reading and thanks for tagging me, again!

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