EOTD: Falling Leafs

On the other side of the world, a lot of people are going in to fall right now. I personally am super excited for summer, but then I decided I should create a nice fall-y/warm look for the people going into the colder seasons. This is also my usual weekend look when I’m going out to do something with my boyfriend!


Starting off with the base, today I went for an actual primer, which was included with the NYC Individual Eyes Custom palette for green eyes.

I then grabbed my The Balm Nude’Tude palette and went in with one of my favourite shades from the palette, Seductive, which I patted all over the lid, using my fingers multiple times to really get that full intensity. I then used Sultry, which is a matte warm brown and applied this in the crease, blending it together with Seductive using my blending brushsince we will be using some heavier, less easy to blend colours later on.


For the crease I first went in with Sleek, a gorgeous matte, but very very dark brown shade and patted this into the crease until it was nice and blended out. I then went in with Sexy, a matte bordeaux red and did the same as I did with Sleek. I then kept on doing this combination of the two shades and layering them about three to four times in the crease, until I got that desired effect.

For the inner corner I put one of my favourite shades of all time, the gorgeous, super pearly Sassy, which I usually also put on my brow bone.


As usual I topped it off with my L’Oreal Gel Intenza gel liner in 01 Pure Black and adding a little bit of my L’Oreal L’Oreal False Lash Wings Midnight Blacks mascara in their darkest, blackest colour.

7 thoughts on “EOTD: Falling Leafs

  1. Beautiful!! You’re eyeshadow & your eyes are gorgeous! ā¤ Can we also talk about your liner?! Ughhh so jealous! I can never ever have such a perfect winged eyeliner like yours!! šŸ™‚

    1. Ahhh thank you so much! It really is a struggle to do the eyeliner every day, but I guess it’s worth it, then. :p Practice makes perfect, thank you for reading!

      1. Of course! ā¤ haha yess the struggle is crazy and you're very right practice makes perfect, perhaps that is why it never works out for me cause I rarely do it because I always fail šŸ˜›

      2. I recommend using a little Q tip to clean it up if it goes wrong! It sucks when you did some killer eyeshadow though and part of that gets removed thanks to the Q tip / failed eyeliner and stuff. :c

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