My favourite lip combo

On one of those days where I’m in a rush and don’t feel like doing the entire makeup thing, I made a little discovery- a lipliner and a lipgloss can make a gorgeous lip colour together.


Meet MAC Lipliner in Dervish topped off with Bourjois Effet 3D Max 8H lipgloss in 13 Orange Fruity! This combo is gorgeous, as Dervish is a warm Kylie Jenner-like colour (kind of the warm equivalent of the MAC Soar lip pencil), and 13 Orange Fruity is a really pretty, bright orange colour which can be turned almost-opaque on it’s own, but with the lipliner right under it, it gives off a pretty warm and perfect look.

With the lip pencil liner, you can create bigger lips for yourself without the need of plastic surgery while hiding your imperfections on the lips. Then, for a ton of shine and added moisture, you put on one or two coats of 13 Orange Fruity and you get a gorgeous, warm mauvey-orange on your lips, giving a high-shine and big look to them. I love it! The lipgloss also makes your lips high-shine, making them look fuller and a lot juicier than they would have been on their own.



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