My Lipstick Collection

Unlike Kylie Jenner, I wasn’t blessed with big, full lips. I love how lipstick and lipliner can change the way your lips are shaped, their volume and fullness and even your entire look!
Now I have a slight lipstick obsession.


L’Oreal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds (Blake’s Pure Red and Laetitia’s Pure Red)
These are literally the bomb dot com. They apply super smooth and creamy, they feel creamy but they’re still matte, reminding me a lot of my MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick, except for the smell. This doesn’t have a foul taste like my other drugstore lipsticks tend to do, so that’s definitely a bonus! They’re also very long-lasting and they’re my perfect red and dark red lip colours.

Lancomè L’Absolu Rouge in 355
This is a gorgeous nude purple colour, really fitting my eyes. It feels very, very moisturizing and lasts a pretty good while before fading, as my lips tend to suck up moisture really quickly (to my annoyance) I feel like it holds up very well! Sadly enough this taste is very foul and the smell is, too. A shame because this was my first high-end lipstick.

Maybelline SuperStay MegaWatt 14H Lipstick in
I have already written a review on this product here, but this is a matte, really pretty bright coraly colour. It looks amazing with my green-grey eyes and is also really summery/springy in my opinion. Sadly enough, it doesn’t fade very well and I tend to be left with some patchy, awful looking lips as if I painted them with a crayon at the end of the day.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 220 Heather Shimmer
This is a gorgeous, super moisturizing brown lipstick and this is what made me fall in love with a brown lip. It’s quite shiny, gorgeous and just a perfect brown! The taste makes me gag, however, which makes me quite sad as it is a gorgeous lipstick which I will still be wearing a ton.

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hours lipsticks in 33, ,
These are some lipsticks that were on sale and I just picked them up and went along with it. I’m not regretting the bulk purchase, though- these and my other Bourjois lipsticks sit really well on my lips and they look really pretty. Not very shiny, they’re more leaning toward the matte side.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks in 19 and 07
As with the lipsticks above, I have the same to say about these- 19 is barely visible on my lips, however, which is definitely a shame as it’s a gorgeous nude orange colour which I love love love love love. 07 is an extremely blue toned pink, I feel like this is definitely a statement colour as it’s just so obviously blue toned, but it is also a super vibrant pink shade. I love it, and I will definitely use this in a tutorial very, very soon.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss lipstick in 05
This isn’t a colour that I wear a lot, but it is a really pretty one nonetheless- I just feel like it just doesn’t fit me as well as I had hoped and wanted. It’s a super pretty pinky colour and I feel like it is a very.. well-mannered colour, if you know what I mean. Very delicate and pretty, reminding me a bit of a pink flower.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 120 Cutting Edge
This is a very, very bold lip, but also quite buildable when using a lip pencil. This colour reminds me a bit of MAC Cyber, it has very obvious berry tones in there and can look almost black when applied straight from the bullet with two layers.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in 440 Creamy Caramel and 405 Blue Rose
These are my holy grail drugstore lipsticks! They do not taste or smell foul, are actually quite long lasting and are very opaque with vibrant colours and quite a big colour range with about nine lipstick colours. At only €3,29, you just cannot beat it! You guys have to pick this one up!

P.S Love Matte Lipsticks
I am still testing these lipsticks and right now I am on the fence of liking them. I feel like they’re creamy and nice, but they’re just not it. They’re just not there yet. A review will be up very soon, though, so if you’re interested, let me know and please do go check it out!

P.S Love Liquid Lipsticks in 01 and 10
Still not having quite a solid opinion on this one, neither, but I feel like I enjoy these lipsticks besides the taste and smell. These ones taste and smell very, very chemical-y, and just like the matte lipsticks, they just do not taste and smell good because of that. They have a very interesting applicator, though, so I might just put a review up very soon if I can stand the taste and smell!

Max Factor Lipstick in 745 Burnt Caramel

I haven’t worn this one a lot yet, as this one is also still quite new to me, but so far it’s great. It’s creamy and a really nice brownish-grey nude on my lips, reminding me a little bit of my MAC VIVA GLAM II lipstick as well, it is a nice lipstick. WWears quite long, pretty packaging, I’m lovin’ it.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colours in 006 Always Delicate and 330 Essential Burgundy

Remember when I used to rave all over these things back in autumn 2014? While I just do not wear them as much, I still think these are great and amazing, 006 Always Delicate is a gorgeous pinky nude on my lips, especially with two to three coats, making it quite buildable. 330 Essential Burgundy is gorgeous too and definitely more of a fall/winter colour to me.

L’Oreal Infallible Liquid Lipstick in 510 Continual Crimson

This colour doesn’t fit me as amazing as my other L’Oreal reds, but I do quite like it despite it just not fitting me perfectly fine. I don’t know, something in the colour is quite.. off, on my face. I prefer my L’Oreal Collection Exclusive Pure Reds in Laetitia’s Pure Red. I did actually write a review on this lipstick, which you can check out right over here as well!

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 400 BIG BANG

I bought this one two years ago, so since I wasn’t really able to master this quite yet, it’s been left in my drawer for a while now. It’s still going strong and I believe it has a half year left before it dies and ends, so I should probably start wearing this again! I remember a photo of me wearing it along with a matching red Rimmel lip liner (creamy!) and it looking gorgeous and amazing with my green eyes so I probably should definitely get back into that. The smell is nice too- an added bonus!

NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color in 041 Ballroom Blush and

These lip colours are quite opqaque, cheap but sadly do not last very long on my lips at all! That makes me quite sad as I love the concept of a (moisturizing) lip crayon a lot as it reminds me of the crayons I used to draw with as a kid/small child. Lovely colours and a big colour range, will definitely pick up one of the more orange colours as it is bright and vivid, I do not mind applying multipkle times a day at all if it’s a pretty crayon!

MAC Candy Yum Yum, Snob, Heroine and VIVA GLAM II

These are my absolute favourites! They’re amazing, long lasting, smell of vanilla/macademium nuts, moisturizing and do not stray away from the drugstore prices too much at about 20 euros I believe. I also love the ‘Back 2 MAC’ concept they put out, allowing me to take back six empty MAC product packages and getting a free new MAC lipstick in return! I love it! I told myself I will from now on mainly just buy MAC lipsticks because of their taste, smell and longetivity. 🙂


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