The perfect summer glow

Summer is slowly but surely starting to really happen over here and I noticed some fun and healthy conversations happening over at Aloha! They currently have a skin care project going on which supports health and beauty on the inside and out. I believe a true ‘summer glow’ can be a achieved all year round, with the right nutrients and healthy eating, plus of course the enhancements makeup provides.
Today I wanted to share some tips with you on how I achieve a nice, summery glow!

Healthy eating

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This might just be one of the most important things, both to get a nice beach body, to feel better in general and to really get that nice healthy summery glowhealthy eating might just be the best thing for you to do, as I really feel like beauty comes from the inside out.

Some really nice healthy recipes I like to use are this one from PointlessBlog and Jamie Oliver, which I actually use every morning for breakfast! It’s a super healthy breakfast smoothie which has banana, any fruits you want, oats, milk and yoghurt so you also really get your protein and vitamins in there and it’s nice and icy so it’s perfect for a warm summer morning or early afternoon!

Aloha also has some healthy recipes on their site- I really enjoyed this burrito recipe for a healthy dinner, it has custom filling, avocado, plus fresh toppings! Really filling and fitting for summer if you add something fresh like lettuce. For more recipes, you should go check out their site! They also have some delicious dessert tips for you to check out.


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Again, continueing with the ‘beauty comes from the inside’ theme, I have been using these for about a year now and they make me feel great, but look good as well! I myself have been loving Maca (by Hanoju) for a little longer than a year now, probably almost a year and a half as it has great health benefits and a ton of bonuses. It makes fat store in the right places so if you start early you can get your summer body super fast with gorgeous curves, along with a little help of exercise. Maca is also a great source for proteïn, which I also really recommend- protein powders (as well as Maca) are really good for you and you can put them in everything, from yoghurt to a smoothie!


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Liquids liquids liquids! This is such an important key part to being nice and healthy and especially hydrated. A natural glow won’t come from a very dehydrated body- 1,5 to 2 litres of water a day really helps your hair grow, your nails grow and your skin to be more happy as well, plus it even gives you super soft and nice, kissable lips which is definitely what you want this summer. A smoothie in the morning obviously already helps, but after that you should make sure to drink a glass every hour to two hours, or keep a brow with your- I find that drinking from a bottle with a straw or from like a Spa bottle makes it easier to keep track of how much I drank and for it to go by waayy quicker as I’m a bad drinker myself, too!



This is super important in case you want to keep that summer glow for a longer time and stay wrinkle free- a good lotion with SPF is a must. I personally like to use a day cream with SPF, which is either the The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer with SPF30 or the Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion with SPF15. Of course SPF15 isn’t a lot, especially not when it is mixed with day cream, so I really recommend putting a layer of lotion with SPF30 under your makeup as well. In winter it is really important to have your SPF game goin strong as well so a moisturizing daily lotion with SPF like the Vitamin C one is a great option.



Which brings me to the last option on our list, makeup! Girls and women alike use bronzer all year round to get a nice contoured face or a more bronzed up face, but for summer I recommend a bronzer that isn’t too dark with some slight golden shimmers in it- this gives the effect of a slimmer face as well as a very bronzed up look! It really makes you glow. A nice highlighter in either a gold or champagne shade is really nice as well- I can definitely recommend the Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette in Highlighter Lights or the ever so famous MAC Lightscapade. The highlighter by MAC is a gorgeous champagne shade and the highlighter palette from Makeup Revolution is only €10 euro which is a steal! You get three highlighters, one golden, one pink and one purple. These can be applied in your Cupid’s bow, on top of the cheekbones, on the browbone, inner corners or on the bridge of your nose! A nice blush with shimmers are nice too as well as cream highlighters. And don’t forget your favourite dewy foundation!


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