I Heart Makeup Lip Lava Review

In my recent small makeup haul, I showed my new two Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas. Being really intrigued by these Vitamin E enriched products, I decided to write a review on them!


The Lip Lavas come in this pretty boxed packaging, which I think looks quite luxurious. They’re made of something like carton, and they’re coloured in the way the actual lip products are coloured. I’m loving the I Heart Makeup logo! I got the shades Unleash and Shockwave. Really cool names, in my opinion!


When you open the little boxed packaging they come in, you get the Lip Lavas which actually look a lot like the package of the Too Faced Melted / Melted Metallic lipsticks, really pretty and nicely ‘replicated’, but still it looks like a product of its own instead of a dupe / spinoff product. It has a sponge tip applicator which I love and to get the product out, you just give a little squeeze. Amazing! I do get some air out every time I try to squeeze out a lot but slowly, but that is probably just me and not anything terrible.


Now for the actual product, you get these gorgeous, super bright shades! Unleash is a gorgeous bright orange colour and Shockwave is a really pretty light purple / pinky colour. Super bright and colourful. When I apply these colours, they glide over my lips and feel super smooth! I can really feel how they’re enriched with Vitamin E, as they feel super soft on my lips and also really moisturizing which I love!

After an hour or so, maybe two, some of the actual product is gone, but it somehow really stains your lips, creating a slightly less bright and lighter effect, but still keeping the colour on there for almost the entire day, as your lips are stained. I love this! This way my lips are nice and moisturized, but the colour is still on there thanks to the product kind of acting as a lip stain. My lips tend to suck up any moisture super quickly, so about an hour or two of wear before most of it being transformed into a lip stain is amazing for me!


I am a really really really big fan of these Lip Lava products, and I will definitely go ahead and purchase the remaining three colours! These are under €5, so you get amazing payoff with some nice lasting power despite the fading, but you honestly can’t ask for more for such a price! I love the lip stain effect it tends to give, and since it is so cheap I do not mind applying a little more at all.


8 thoughts on “I Heart Makeup Lip Lava Review

  1. I am in love with these lip lavas 💜 I don’t like the way they don’t have the name printed on them though! I am not one for remembering names :’)

      1. I always end up throwing away packaging! Straight away when I get things. Google has its advantages :’)

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