May Favourites

May hasn’t been a very, very big month for me, but I still managed to get a few new and old favourites together and make a little post about them! Today I’m showing you guys the products I have been enjoying in may.


IMG_1347 (2)

MAC Matchmaster SPF15 Foundation in NW15

This is my first higher end foundation, and I’ve never been so in love before! This stuff keeps me matte for hours and hours on end, even without powder. With a good powder, I got this matte finish to last almost a full day without touching up anything. The coverage does last really good as well even if the oil finally decides to seep through, I never want to go back to the drugstore foundations thanks to this!

MAC Snob

At first, I wasn’t very sure about buying this color as it is so so so so light and since my skin is literally white and my hair blonde, I thought this would look terrible- I was so wrong. It is subtle, but still very bright and fits with literally anything. A nude look, a bold look, anything and everything and it is also very natural as it is a Satin finish. This lipstick quickly became my go-to colour and I have been wearing it everyday for a few weeks now.

Maybelline Terra Indienne + Blush in Bronzed Paradise

Since there was a 1+1 action for less than the price of one, I decided to get two of these- one is already opened, the other one has a different purpose which will be kept a secret for a little bit more. This is a very, very subtle product but I think it is super suitable for beginners because of its really nice buildability. These come in two colours, mine having a lovely, subtle purple blush (really nice and cool toned, pulls a bit more pinky on me) and a warm, dark bronzer bit. I’m especially in love with the blush, and I definitely needed a bronzer for replacement of my Rimmel London one. This is perfect! I also love the secure packaging. A perfect multi-use product suited for travelling as well.



BaByliss Curl Secret

This product is amazing! At first it was a little bit scary with the product getting so hot at 210•-230•, and because of it literally sucking up your hair, but the curls come out gorgeous and actually last with my super long extensions- it also has multiple heat settings which is great, also, giving you the possibility to create multiple different curls on different heat settings if needed.

Schwarzkopf BC BonaCure Hair Therapy Oil Miracle Shampoo

Since I use extensions, I feel like I definitely do need something extra moisturizing for my real hair as well as my fake hair. I love products which contain oils, and this one is so great- It has quite a thick, weird oily texture and you really do need to heat it up in between your hands quite a bit, but once you do you get a nice shampoo without any sulfates or parabens or any of that crap which leaves your hair really nice and shiny! You may need quite a bit, however.

Schwarzkopf BC BonaCure Hair Therapy Smooth Perfect Conditioner

This leaves my hair really nice and soft, but what I put it in my favourites for is how it takes the frizz- I was able to dry my hair all naturally without it getting frizzy, after using this! It also smells a m a z i n g and also does help in getting your hair all nice, soft and moisturized!


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