Catrice Waterproof Eyeliner Review

As much as I love my L’Oreal Gel Intenza gel eyeliner, the brush that comes with it ended up making my winged liner super thick and since I am not entirely about that life (since it makes my eyes look really weird except in close ups), I decided I really needed something new. This Catrice eyeliner is only €4, so what did I have to lose? Today I’m telling you all about my experience with this drugstore eyeliner.

IMG_1385 (2)

The packaging is just nice, black, easy to recognize and thin so it is nice to travel with. It also isn’t that long which is a plus for my makeup bag as it sometimes doesn’t fit because of a product being super long and bulky! The text tells me it is waterproof, the name of the product, the ingredients, how long I should keep it before throwing it out and all of that fun stuff. Not a lot to say right here, but I think they’ve done a really nice job on the packaging! Kind of fun but still sleek and travel friendly. I do really like how the fonts are different sizes and how waterproof is written in a nice blue colour! It really makes it stand out a bit more and makes the packaging a lot less boring.

All I can say about this product, is this: it’s black, it’s great, it lasts long on my oily eyelids and it beats my two L’Oreal eyeliners by a milestone. Ignore how disgusting the wet swatches look- when it is dry, it will look amazing and last all day! I do have a single complaint however, which is the fact that the actual pot with product in it is more than half as short as the rest of the package which is the pencil that you draw with- this can be a good thing to get a nice, good line and to be actually able to see what you’re doing, but for travelling not so much. As I said earlier, they still seem very travel friendly to me, but it is a little too long for my tastes when it comes to that topic.

IMG_1382 (2)
Ignore the most right one- that’s an ugly failed, dried up swatch!:c


Speaking of the pencil part, this felt tip allows me to make the most precise line ever. I am not kidding, I am obsessed! My previous favourite, a gel liner, wasn’t even this precise which was probably because of the brush I used that it came with, but that was super thin, too. The brush made my gel liner so thick, but this felt tip is super small but does pack enough product for me to complete an entire eye, so much that when first dipping the brush in I need to watch out not to apply too much! The felt tip is a little bit sharp but I like that because it makes it easier to draw a straight line immediately without the endless correcting and removing and reapplying again!

IMG_1378 (2)

I really love this eyeliner from Catrice, a budget buy must-have if you ask me! It is less than €4 and it lasts all day, plus it is super black. It doesn’t dry up completely matte, but I love the super black finish and the felt tip is amazing. Do go buy it I you come across a store that carries them, because I am definitely a fan!


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