My Top Three MAC Lipsticks

I have been a little obsessed with MAC lipsticks lately, if I’m honest. Every time I pass by a MAC Store or a store which carries the brand, I immediately walk in and try on their lipsticks in store. Since this obsession is happening right now, I have accumulated quite some MAC lippies. Today I’m sharing my top three with you!

IMG_1351 (2)

#1: MAC Snob

I actually only got this two weeks ago, but it’s already a favourite. At first I wasn’t too sure if this was too light for me or not, but the shade really fits nicely with my hair, skin tone as well as eye colour. A really gorgeous light pink, kind of like the MAC Saint Germain lipstick, but maybe a little bit more on the subtle side. A really gorgeous, kind of nudey pink shade on me. I am definitely really happy with it and it is gorgeous.

IMG_1354 (2)

#2: MAC Heroine

Heroine, heroine.. I love this shade to death! I bought it when I had some terrible regrowth of my roots going on and it looked great, but then my hair got dyed in a really light ash blonde shade again and now it is a little bit too dark for me. Somehow, I am managing it to work right now however, maybe because my roots are showing once again but this time slightly, but I’m still loving it. I really love purples and this shade feels like velvet on the lips while still keeping a very matte finish.

IMG_1358 (2)

#3: MAC Candy Yum Yum

This, along with MAC VIVA GLAM II, was my first MAC lipstick ever! I love it to death, it feels so good and creamy but it still does keep having a matte finish, it stains my lips so that when the colour fades, it doesn’t look weird or anything or give me weird little patches of skin looking through, plus the colour is so bright and gorgeous! I love this lipstick a lot, it is a really fun, bright colour on my lips and makes my green-greyish eyes really pop, especially on my porcelain white skin.


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