TreacleMoon Review

I had never seen this brand anywhere near me, but recently my local supermarket decided to go a little bigger and broaden their product range- they added these products by TreacleMoon. Since I’m always up for a nice new shower gel or a scrub, I decided I would check these out and see what’s up with them!

IMG_1365 (2)

The reason these cute little products actually caught my eye is the packaging. How could it not, however, with the cute bottles? The packaging is so nice! All the different smells have different descriptions on them. In that way, they really do remind me a lot of the Soap and Glory shower gels I own which I’ve really grown to love lately for their strong smell as well! On the back it tells us that it was not tested on animals, but on us and that it shouldn’t be eaten! Quite a hard task with such a strong, delicious smell. I’m a big fan how they do not test on animals. This stuff also doesn’t have any mineral oils, parabens or silicones, but it does mainly  contain the good stuff like shea butter!

TreacleMoon My Coconut Island Body Scrub

I love how this stuff has quite a good coconutty smell to it. It is a really nice scrub and it comes with black beads that really remind me of seeds you would find in a fruit like an apple or something- you really feel the scrub working and doing it’s thing and it also leaves a very subtle coconutty smell on your body! You can really feel the difference on your skin after the big scrub. This one is definitely a keeper for me!

TreacleMoon My Coconut Island Bath / Shower Gel

I was so in love with this product when I first smelled it from the bottle and on my dry skin on my hands, however that kind of changed once I tried to actually get it on my body in the shower. I once tried to get it on there and rinse it off which left my body not smelling like a coconut at all almost, but then I read the instructions on the back of the product and discovered it should be applied on damp skin for ten minutes and then be rinsed off. I believe I didn’t keep it on for that long as I was getting very, very cold (about 3/4th of the time, probably), but I noticed the strong coconut smell changing into something different on my skin, which kind of sucked- both ways however, it did leave my body feeling very, very soft and the second time it did actually leave that subtle coconut smell, ever so slightly.

treaclemoon The Raspberry Kiss Hand & Body Lotion

The packaging of this is so cute guys it is unbelievable. The first thing I do have to say about this, is that the smell is so strong, but it does smell really good. This stuff is supposed to be like a lotion for your hands and body. I have never used a lotion on any other part of my body except for my hands, so I’m not very experienced on that part, but for my hands it is really nice. I can smell my hands very strongly when I’m just holding my phone and it smells like I put on perfume around my neck when they’re down. I do not have dry hands at all however, so they first get a little wet before drying and becoming soft. The lotion does get absorbed rather quickly into my skin, which is a big plus, too! It leaves my skin smelling nice and strong and it also leaves my skin feeling really soft, in short.

Overall, I am quite pleased with my new Treaclemoon products, except for the My Coconut Island bath / shower gel because of the smell changing on my skin and because of it not being as strong. I will definitely pick up their other flavours / smells very soon however, as I am very curious about what else treaclemoon has in store for us. What’s up next? Probably the Those Lemonade Days range.


5 thoughts on “TreacleMoon Review

    1. It’s really good! Makes your skin super soft, but I guess my skin doesn’t really work well with it in terms of smell! Quite a shame as I’ve been loving coconut a lot lately, too.

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