Catrice Long Lasting Lip Pencil Review

While cleaning out my makeup drawer and reorganizing everything, I found an old favourite of mine from about a year ago- I immediately ran out to get a few more colours for review for you guys. Today I’m reviewing these Long Lasting Lip Pencils by Catrice.

IMG_1455 (2)

I bought the shades 100 Upper Brown Side and 060 The Perfect Pinkini – a lovely light brown and a very hot pink (which is the shade I loved about a year ago). These claim to be long lasting (obviously), to not allow your lip products to ‘bleed’ as well as be waterproof and soft. According to Catrice, you should be able to get about four hours of wear out of them! Pretty big claims for a €1,99 euro lipstick.
The packaging is super simple, nothing too special right over here- the lip pencils are coloured the same colour as the actual product with shiny, silver letters carved into them. Pulling off the little lid is easy, but it does protect the actual pencil part really well and it doesn’t just come off, making it safe to just throw in your bag on the go!

IMG_1459 (2)

The actual product is really nice- the swatches are really nice and pigmented, and this also translates on to the lips very well, even the lighter brownish colour I got. That one actually turned out to be a really nice ‘my lips but better’ shade and also perfect for making my lips appear bigger ‘on their own’. They definitely get brownie points for the amazing pigment! They also have a matte finish, so they’re perfect to wear on their own thanks to the nice finish and great pigmentation! They stop my lipstick and such from bleeding, too.

IMG_1462 (2)

As for the actual lasting time, the light brown one lasted about an hour before it was completely gone while I was at my boyfriends home- but that might be a little obvious. When I was on my own for a while, this definitely lasted me about three hours. It doesn’t survive a meal very well, however, but it did last quite a long time with a lipgloss on top as well as with a lipstick on top which made it last the full four hours.

I really think these lip pencils are a great budget buy, they’re an amazing option if you’re on a budget obviously, but also just in anyone’s collection. They have over ten shades and these are mostly neutral colours, but I feel like you can put them under anything, even a bright colour for a cool fading effect. I am definitely a fan and I really do recommend these lip liners for anyone!

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