Makeup Revolution Protection Palette – Light/Medium Review

When I finally got this product in the mail, I was stoked before. But when I finally opened the packaging and saw everything in it’s revolutionary glory (get it?) I got way more excited! So excited in fact, that I have decided on reviewing this baby for you today.


We all know about Makeup Revolution’s sleek, black packaging. The product was wrapped up really good, but I threw out the little cardboard box it comes in and the film paper as well. As usual, there’s a large mirror on one side of the palette and a big amount of product on the other! This palette comes with three different coloured concealers, an anti-shine powder, a bronzer, a blush and a highlighter (my favourite!).


When swatching the colours, I noticed that the concealers are definitely on the greasy side. Luckily for me, this changed over time and they did go a little bit ‘dryer’ in texture, which is definitely a good thing! I am super duper pale which means even if a product calls itself ‘ultra fair’ it’s probably too dark for me, but the first concealer in the palette was actually light enough to be a nice under eye concealer! The second shade was a bit too yellow for me, but once blended out it still looked nice on top of little spots and redness. I won’t be able to use the third shade however, as it is too dark / orangey for me.

The concealers do not have the fullest coverage in the world, so I like patting them in to still get the maximum coverage I can get out of them. I probably need a more ‘dry’ concealer however as these are just a little too greasy to use on my oily skin. They’re nice for touching up, however, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of them, too. Just make sure to pat them in instead of rubbing!


Next up, we have the anti-shine powder. I am probably most excited about this (as well as the highlighter), because if it works it means that I don’t have to take loose compacts with me while travelling anymore and just chuck in this pretty little palette. I’m used to swirling my brush inside the product with a little bit of a harsher hand, but when I did so, some of the powder came loose and just sat there in the pan and got a little bit in the concealer, so please use a light hand when swirling inside the powder. Other than that, the powder is soft and kept my face shine-free for a few hours which is the case with most anti-shine powders as I have very oily skin. I am definitely impressed with this powder and I’ll get a ton of use out of this!

From left to right: highlighter, blush, bronzer, anti-shine face powder, lightest concealer (top in palette), middle concealer (middle) and darkest concealer (bottom)

From the swatches of the bronzer online, I got a little bit scared. On the photos it seemed kind of orange and my skin does not work well with orange bronzer on my cheeks. At all. However, to my surprise, there’s barely any orange in there at all! This is a gorgeous bronzer and one light dip in the pan is more than enough to bronze my fair skin up and make it look like I’ve actually been outside instead of just being on my computer all day! I love this bronzer a lot and a little bit goes a very, very long way. Be careful about swirling the powder too much again, however as you might end up with some loose powder in the pan.

We’re not done yet, as we still have a blush to talk about! This blush looks amazing on my skin, it really warms my cheeks up and kind of gives me that warm glow from the inside type of look, almost the same way as my L’Oreal True Match Blush Β in 115 True Rose, I believe. The blush has some slight shimmer to it which I don’t really see anymore on my cheeks, but obviously it is giving me that glowing from within look. Great blush, and again, a little goes a long way!

Finally we get to the end of the product, finishing this review off with one of my favourite parts; the highlighter! This highlighter is sooo pretty, not glittery at all but very shimmery however which I just love! It actually shows up on my super fair skin, too, which is already an achievement in itself, but this looks super good on my skin and I’m just in love with the shimmer it gives me and how it lifts up the cheekbones.


Overall, I am super happy with this palette (my puppy seems to like it, too!) and I’ll be getting a ton of use out of all of the little products on the inside. This palette will be travelling erbruwhere with me! Let me know if you guys want see a makeup tutorial using this palette, I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot anyways.


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