Small Makeup Revolution Haul!

If you’ve been checking on my Twitter recently, you may know that I’ve been reaching out to you guys about your favourite Makeup Revolution products. I am currently obsessed with this brand. It’s amazing, how they interact with everyone on social media, to the great quality products and the amazing amount of product you get, this brand is great in every aspect of it.

Therefore, today I chose to do another haul on some of their stuff! Click read more to see what I’ve got!


Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush & Contour Palette – Golden Sugar


I am definitely doing a review on this for my blog and I may just be up already by the time you’re reading this! In the first place I wasn’t very sure about any shade in here except for the first three and maybe the last one, since I am very pale, but obviously as a blogger I do feel like I need to try out new stuff, get out of my comfort zone and try applying something new every now and then to the cheeks! I am very excited to try all of the shades out and play around lots with this palette!

Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette – Mermaids Forever


So this palette was new on the site I buy the products from- (I do not buy straight from Makeup Revolution but with a Dutch partnered website as it’s easier in terms of paying / delivery for me) and since it is summer (or almost summer, being exact!) I thought it would be perfect to create some summery looks for you guys. My Flawless Matte palette was a huge success to me, so I can’t wait to try this out!

Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette – Eyes Like Angels


I have been lusting after this product for quite a while now, ever since I placed my first order on MakeupMustHaves for Makeup Revolution products- since again, it is better weather and quite summery as of right now and since I saw that this palette offers quite a few different shades, from neutrals to mattes to bright colours to shimmers, I decided I really needed this versatile palette, despite honestly not needing it. Again, super excited to try it and to make a few nice makeup looks and EOTD’s for you guys with this!

Makeup Revolution Protection Palette – Light / Medium


Now I am very, very fair, so I wasn’t too sure about the ‘medium’ part, but after looking up some swatches online, I thought this would be great for me to take with me on vacation to Turkey in about a week or two- it’s getting so close and I’m so excited! Anyways, this is a palette that has it all- three concealers, a mattifying powder, a bronzer (which I am a little scared of as of right now, but we’ll see what’s up!), a blush and a highlighter. As I said about basically all of these products I’ve named, I’m super excited to try this out. It will be a nice little all in one palette for me to take travelling and in case of major makeup emergencies. Let me know if you guys would like a review on this!

I Heart Makeup Hearts Blusher – Candy Queen of Hearts


So it was super duper hard for me to pick a shade of one of these- at first I had a hot / darker pinky one, then a super nice peachy one which turned out to be a highlighter (which I will purchase very soon as well if this is a success!) and then I came across this one, which seemed to be a nice little mix of both! I think the packaging is so cute, again let me know if you guys would want for me to review this for you guys!

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray


I have heard about the famous setting spray by Urban Decay, and since Urban Decay is coming to The Netherlands really soon at the end of this month, I decided I wanted to try out this one by Makeup Revolution first to really get into the world of fixing sprays before diving into the more expensive parts of that area- plus I read an awesome review by someone who I forgot a few days ago which just made me had to have it! I hope this keeps my oils in control as it promises to, as I do have super oily skin at the end of the day.



14 thoughts on “Small Makeup Revolution Haul!

    1. Ahh thank you so much! They are a little hit or miss so I would look up some good reviews (multiple), but overall I love them a lot! The products I’ve bought are great so far, I’ll have reviews of them up very soon. xx

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