I Heart Makeup #Selfie Palette Review + Swatches

Ever since they’re slowly introducing the I Heart Makeup brand -and with that, Makeup Revolution- at the drugstores in The Netherlands, I’ve been checking the shelves daily. It seems that every few weeks, they sell a few products to test the waters. Today I picked this #Selfie palette up to review for you guys!

I Heart Makeup #Selfie Palette Review + Swatches

So starting off with the packaging, I had seen some beauty bloggers already write about this one, but from the photos I didn’t expect this palette to be so small. There’s ten shades in there, but the palette is travel size and also came with a free travel size I Heart Makeup eye primer. Super cute if you ask me! It’s a sturdy palette with a decent mirror, as expected from the Makeup Revolution / I Heart Makeup brand. There’s a double sided sponge tip applicator in there, which as you guys probably know I am not a verrrrry big fan of, but I guess it will do.


The palette offers a selection of 10 neutral, everyday shades, which are mainly gorgeous shimmery shades. They’re all very soft and pigmented, just lightly putting in my finger and swiping up and down once or twice already puts so much pigment on my finger. The pigment on my finger also transfers amazingly onto my hands and arms, as you guys can see from the swatches.


All in all, I think this is both a gorgeous palette to travel with as well as just for having for everyday makeup looks. I also love how there’s a little timer in there and how they’re all just amazing, soft, pigmented shades! I think you can easily transfer from day to night with this palette and I am excited to try out a day to night look with this palette. Let me know what you guys think!


The I Heart Makeup #Selfie palette can be bought at the drugstore for €5,99.

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