The Picture Diaries: Turkey!

About a week (maybe two by the time this is posted and uploaded) ago, my boyfriend, my dad, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s family and of course me, went to Turkey for an eight day vacation. I decided it would be a fun idea to take some pictures and keep up with a small ‘picture diary’ and show it to you guys at the end of the trip.


So right here we arrived, at about 1 or 2 AM. We had a very big room, complete with a balcony, TV with NBA Network which didn’t really work, a big bed for two, a bath and shower and a mini bar.

So this right here is a photo of one of the lifts, you were able to see every floor you went to or didn’t go to from here.

It looks like I’m not wearing anything under that big coverup, but trust me, I am actually! I’m wearing a pair of grey short shorts. This was outside near the mall. A friend of mine took the picture for me.

This was stolen from my father’s girlfriend’s son’s Snapchat, but I just love the picture so much as it is a great overview of the place and the pool. You were also able to go straight to the sea!
Here are two photos of me and my boyfriend before we went diving about twelve meters deep. I did get a little claustrophobic, but it definitely was a lot of fun!

There were parties and shows almost every night. I believe this was part of the black party with dubstep, some cool shows and half naked dancers as well as people dressed in glowing robot costumes who were playing with lights every now and then as part of the show onstage. We had a VIP place with tons of fruit. 😍


We hired another VIP place, this time at the beach at daytime. From 9AM to about 5 or 6PM you could sit here and lie down. It offered a place for up to five or six people. Me and my boyfriend decided to get one for just a day, but my father hired them everyday from Wednesday to Saturday when we checked out. Saturday we just sat with my dad and in the lobby playing games together.

Another one of the pools, this time photographed by me.


The sight from one of the multiple dining rooms. There were about four inside dining rooms and one outside dining place. On the second to last night, we dined here instead of inside.



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