July Favourites

Finally I am able to include some summery favourites in this post! I discovered a ton of new things in July even though the weather has been very unpredictable lately. Luckily enough, we have just entered summer for real and it will all get better soon! I am celebrating with these favourite products of mine.

Jul,y Facourites 1

Sourcy Vitamin Water in Mango Guave

Let’s just be real right here, I mainly love this because of the fact this stuff contains Biotin- I’m scared of taking the actual pills as I am not a very good person when it comes to drinking at least two liters of water a day, but every little bit I can get inside of me, I will take. Other than that, I’ve really been into coconuts (which has nothing to do with this Vitamin Water) as well as mango (which actually does have something to do with it) lately, especially this month (hmm, frozen mangos pieces..). Other than that, this water just tastes really good, kinda sweet and sour but with that actual water ‘taste’. You know what I’m saying?

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical

So I got this remembering Shaaanxo loves this stuff and since my last XXL dry shampoo bottle thing was gone and finished, I decided to get this expecfting it would smell like a beach or a pineapple or something- oh boy was I wrong. This smells like coconut. Coconut. Guys. Coconut. That’s literally like my new summer scent or something. This also made my hair feel quite soft actually instead of super dry and disgusting, and it sprays the powder out a little bit finer and a little bit more product comes out as well. Love this stuff,m please go out and buy this right now because you need this in your life.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effect Serum Mini

These mini’s are so cute! I gifted one to my friend as you could get them for €1,99 and then the second one would be for free which I love. I am especially in love with this for the smell- it kind of reminds me of how you would want your girlfriend or to smell. And it also reminds me of a smell a mom would have in her hair or something like that, as I think it is very comforting and familiar. I am a huge fan of John Frieda products, not only for their smells (which are gorgeous by the way in case you haven’t noticed my little rave yet) but also for the amazing things they do for your hair and extensions. It’s a shame I can’t use their shampoo anymore! I am a big fan and I might just purchase the full size very soon once I run out of this.

Nivea Sun Pocket Size Sunscreen SPF30

This is soooo handy. I got this for my handbag to go to Turkey, but I am still looking out for one that is specifically for the face. I’m not looking for any breakouts to happen (even if I did already use it on my face.. Oops)! This is indeed a great pocket size sun protector and I will definitely get a ton of use out of this before it’s finished.

Square sunglasses from the drugstore

These apparently have no name I believe, but they’re super cute! I first tried some cat eye-shaped sunglasses which made me look like an old lady (from Phineas and Furb? The redhead grandma) in some way, and then I grabbed these. They’re gorgeous! They fit my face so well and actually made me look twenty times prettier which is great in emergency cases where your makeup is looking a little bad or something like that. They really help my sensitive eyes in their battle against the sun and I can actually see with these. They’re definitely my new favourite and I am loving them!

Jul,y Facourites 2


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