Small Makeup Haul

I went makeup shopping again! It’s becoming a small addiction, but it’s okay because I know we’re all a little addicted to shopping. Today I brought in some drugstore products that I would love to share with you guys.


Max Factor All Day Primer

My MAC primer went bad a few months ago, and honestly I haven’t even bothered getting a new primer since. I didn’t feel like forking out another €27 on a MAC primer, plus the trip I would have to take to Amsterdam wouldn’t make my wallet really happy, either. There was a 1+1 sale on everything this weekend however, so I decided to just pick up this primer by Max Factor after hearing some good things about it!


Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliners – Red Diva & Eastend Snob

After discovering an almost-finished Red Diva lipliner in my stash and trying it on again, I completely fell in love. These are super creamy, dry matte but do not leave your lips as dry as a regular lipliner. They are perfect for overdrawing your lips as nobody will see a thing with these. Eastend Snob became my go to everyday colour and I’m excited to try out more of these.

Maybelline Master Sculpt Duo – Light / Medium

I have already reviewed this product a few days ago, and I love it so much! When I saw this at the drugstore I was like, “No way, an actual drugstore contour powder?”, so I just had to take it home with me to test it out. Turns out, it’s my favourite contouring product at the moment! It contains both a contour powder and a highlighter, along with a nice brush and a pretty nice mirror, too! Perfect for on the go.


Rimmel London Wonder’Full Wake Me Up Mascara – 003 Extreme Black

I haven’t tested this one out yet as I just came back from another trip to the drugstore about half an hour ago, but I’m super excited for this! I did already open it and so far, I’m very interested in the wand. Also, it doesn’t smell like mascara at all, but like cucumbers and aloe vera! With a small hint of mascara scent. I’ve seen some amazing results and I would love to do a back to school makeup look with it.


L’Oreal Infallible Lipstick – Red Infallible

So I already own an Infallible lipstick in a slightly darker, more orangey shade, but I felt like it was time to build up my small collection. Red Infallible is a gorgeous in-your-face type of red, it’s super bright and super pretty! I love it.


L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper – Brunette

I saw Shaaanxo use this in her videos a lot, so when it popped up at my drugstore, I just felt the instant need to take it home with me. She’s uses it a lot and really loves it and so do I! It’s the perfect colour for my brows and makes them really nice and full.


Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup #Selfie Palette

So I also did a review on this already, but this is a super nice, compact little palette which offers ten shades of highly pigmented, shimmery neutrals. There’s one matte colour in here, the rest are all gorgeous shimmers! Super pretty and I love using this everyday. Bonus points for the travel-friendliness.


Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup No Photo’s Please Palette

This is pretty much the same as the #Selfie palette, but with a more bright selection of colours. There’s some duo-chromes in there, some neutral shades and amazing pops of colour- again, super pigmented and super pretty. They’re almost foil-like! I love this palette already and I’m excited to try out all of the shades in here.

5 thoughts on “Small Makeup Haul

  1. I wish they bad max factor, and makeup revolution in the states, UGH! The stuff looks amazing enjoy it girl Xo

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