Why I Love BB Cream

BB cream is great and it is great for many reasons. I’m not talking about the BB Cream we just get at the drugstore, like Rimmel’s or L’Oreal’s BB creams, no, I’m talking about the real Korean BB creams. Today I want to talk about some facts I love about BB cream as well as share my favourite ones.


It’s ingredients are good for the skin

Unlike most of the BB creams at the drugstore in Europe and America, BB creams in Asia are unique for their amazing ingredients that are good for the skin. They can protect the skin, usually contain a pretty high SPF and provide coverage. They also contain a lot of vitamins, are moisturizing and contain ingredients like licorice and arbutin that even out the skin tone.


There are specific BB creams for everyone

Wether you need one to combat fine lines, wrinkles, whiten your face or just need some extra but if moisture throughout the day, BB creams come in many shapes and forms. I personally enjoy one of the whitening ones with SPF 25++ by Skin79- which is also good for oily skin.


The finishes are endless

Like I just said, there is a specific BB cream to help combat almost any skin problem you may or may not have, but there are a ton of different finishes with that that they offer, too. Of course, they offer a lot of dewy finishes as that’s what you usually see Asians wearing, but they also offer matte, radiant, satin, illuminating, diamond, which is like a super dewy finish but more shimmery and all kinds of stuff like that. The Diamond version by Skin79 made me fall in love with more shimmery dewy skin despite being all oily and stuff.



It feels great on the skin

Throwback to the first reason to love BB creams, thanks to the good ingredients and of course the formula, I love the feel of the cream on my skin. As the name suggests, it obviously feels creamy but to a whole new level- it feels thick, soft and super super super duper creamy. When it is applied it just feels nice and moisturizing, but also slightly sticky which also makes them a nice base for my eyeshadow.



What’s your favourite BB cream?

9 thoughts on “Why I Love BB Cream

      1. Especially where I live, it gets really hot and I sweat a lot. I don’t like wearing foundation or heavy makeup in the summer time so BB cream is perfect! xx

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