Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette Review

Pfoe, that name was a mouthful, but here it is! As some of you guys who follow my Twitter may or may not know that I’ve been spending a lot of my money online, so one of my purchases was this palette as Makeup Revolution is definitely one of my favourite brands of all time- nice, good quality and cheap products that are great and super fun to work with. Oh, and don’t forget about the amazing amount of product you get! Anyways, before I continue rambling on, let’s get into the review, shall we?


Now to be completely honest with you guys, I bought this palette for the gorgeous swirly patterns in the pans and the first three shades in the palettes. The pinky, dusty rose shades and the super white highlighter shade just seemed so perfect to me, that I actually bought the palette especially for those three colours. And of course for the gorgeous design / the swirly patterns in the pans.

Looking up swatches online, I honestly didn’t truly believe the other shades would fit my very, very pale skin. Of course, I did try them out and the results were better than expected!

There is a mix of blushes, highlighters and bronzers in here making the palette very versatile with eight shades. They’re all super pigmented and they’re not powdery at all which I love! They aren’t very buttery or anything like that however, but as long as they’re nice and pigmented it’s fine by me. Most of them contain shimmer or very finely milled glitters, giving a gorgeous effect. The shades do not come with any names so I’m just naming them shade 01 to 08, going from the top left to the bottom right of the palette.



The first shade is a gorgeous highlighter and also a great one for pale skin like mine! It actually shows up which is a big deal to me and every other pale person looking for a good highlighter. It’s just super pretty and pigmented and really makes your cheekbones stand out thanks to the excessive amount of shimmer.


The second shade is a really pretty, shimmery pinky shade which is great for everyday wear. I think it looks quite youthful on the skin and is great for adding back some colour to the skin.


This one appears a little bit more purpley to me and again, it’s super pretty. It’s very much like the pink shade but obviously, it’s purple. It swatches like a darker pink shade with slight purple undertones when comparing it to the pink shade’s swatches.


One of my favourites this summer! This shimmery bronzey shade is great for just mixing up with a matte bronzer or just to apply on it’s own. I was quite sceptical of this bronzer upon the first look, but now that I’ve actually used it, I’m over the moon! The shimmers aren’t obnoxious or anything like that, and it’s not orangey at all. I think Makeup Revolution did a great job on this bronzer! This is the first shimmery bronzer I didn’t actually hate or dislike.



Just being really honest here, I have no idea if this is supposed to be a blush or a highlighter- I use it as a little bit of both. I find that it adds a nice shimmer and that it’s nice to tone down blushes with it’s very neutral colour. I do think it is slightly too shimmery as a blush, so I like to use it in moderation.


A gorgeous dark pinky shade, I think this is great for fall and winter. It reminds me a little bit of candy! Again with the shimmer, super pretty and warm for a look like you’re flushing from within.


I actually used this as an eyeshadow for the longest time, until I actually tried it out on my cheeks- I was amazed! While it doesn’t seem like a good or proper blush colour, maybe a weird colour even, it’s a lovely warm blush and it really warms up the cheeks, again for a look like you’re really glowing from within! I’m very pale as you guys know and even I love it. Just be careful when applying the product as they’re all super pigmented.


Finally, the last shade is a matte bronzer. This is one of the few bronzers I own that aren’t orangey at all, making it just perfect for me! It’s not orange but it’s not grey either, just a nice bronzey shade for a nice, subtle (or more heavy when build up!) bronzed look.


Overall, I think these shades are gorgeous! Makeup Revolution really outdid themselves with this palette. I think this is a great palette for summer because of the shimmery bronzer and intense highlighters, but also nice for autumn and winter because of the warm shades that are in there as well. I think this is a must-have palette for every blush lover as well as people who just want to start out using blush because of the amount of shades, price and pigmentation.

The Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette can be bought from your local Superdrug or online for €9,99.

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