Garnier Loving Blends Lemon & Soft Clay Shampoo Review

Garnier recently came out with a new haircare range: Garnier Loving Blends. Apparently, the name of the range is different in different places in Europe (ex. it’s called Ultimate Blends in England) accompanied by different packaging. It has been out for quite a while in places like France, so now us people in The Netherlands get to try these all natural ranges!


This shampoo is meant for people who get greasy hair very easily. My scalp has definitely been producing a lot more oil recently and therefore, I decided to pick this shampoo up along with some products of their honey and olive range.

I am in love with the packaging of these products, they’re all so incredibly cute! They close tightly so you don’t have to worry about it spilling or anything like that, but the little hole the product comes out of is a little big and the product is quite liquidy, which makes too much product come out very easily, so be careful! You get about 300 ml per shampoo you buy.


When applying this to my hair, it lathers very nicely. The smell is gorgeous and I feel like the lemon is good for blondes especially, too, as lemon is a natural bleaching agent. Sadly enough, this shampoo isn’t as natural as Garnier wants you to think. It contains both SLS and SLES, which are harsh cleansers. Obviously, this is for people with very greasy hair so I guess a harsher cleanser is needed, but it’s not something I would expect from a haircare range that claims to be natural. This is probably also the reason why it lathers so nicely.

While the shampoo is in my hair, my hair feels really soft and smells great. I let it sit in my hair for about a minute or so and rinsed it all out- but what’s this? My hair felt incredibly dry after using this! I followed up with the Olive conditioner and their Honey hair mask which definitely made my hair feel a lot softer (review coming soon), but for my thin, coloured hair this might have been a little bit too harsh for every day use.

All in all I do really like the idea of a cheap, all natural hair care range, but this product didn’t really do a lot for me. After blow drying my hair, it’s definitely felt a lot better and dare I say, quite soft even, but my hair doesn’t have any shine to it. It’s more on the matte side I would say, which I like, but it’s not for everyone. This also shows that it really strips your hair off all the natural oils along with every other thing you decided to put in before your shower.

Despite all that, it does feel really clean and my hair smells amazing hours after shampooing it. I recommend this for people who have a very oily scalp or for people who would like to use this as a deep cleanse once a week or so, but definitely not for every day use unless your scalp gets oily every day after you’ve showered.

The Garnier Loving Blends Lemon and Soft Clay Shampoo can be bought from the drugstore at €3,49.

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