HEMA Finish Loose Powder Review

HEMA has been around for forever here in The Netherlands. They sell everything, from clothes, to food, to homeware products! They also sell quite a big makeup range with their own beauty stores for pretty cheap prices compared to L’Oreal or Maybelline- however, I’ve never really given them a chance as I just assumed the weren’t that good. When I was debating on buying the Ben Nye Luxury Powder to set my makeup and control my oil, I came across this- a finishing loose powder, which is way cheaper than Ben Nye! I decided to pick it up to see if the loose powder life is for me.


I’ve always thought the HEMA logo looks a little bit cheap, but I love how they do their makeup packaging. Of course, I do not like the logo being right smack on the front, but I love the font they used for the Finishing Loose Powder text. I like how they used different sizes and just kept the lid a sleek black shade- the rest of the package is see-through and looks like it could be that faded type of glass, but really it’s plastic. Nicely done, HEMA! It doesn’t feel cheap in my hands at all and I think that overall, they just do a really nice job on their packaging.

When I twist off the lid, I can see really small bits powder flying through the air. The same thing happens once I close the lid. On the inside, they’ve put an extra layer with some ‘breathing holes’, just so that you don’t take too much powder at once. Smart move, HEMA! The holes are a little big though, so if you put it in your bag and it turns upside down, a lot of product will fall through the holes and the entire idea of not getting too much product out is actually kinda gone.


Upon touching the powder, I do not feel anything. This powder is so finely milled, I can’t feel it! It’s super soft and a little bit goes a long way. My face has never been more matte than when I wear this powder! I own the shade 41, which is quite pink toned. Perfect, because my skin has cool undertones. The second I apply this moment anywhere on my face, the shininess is gone. Even if there wasn’t anything to begin with, this stuff makes my face ultra matte! It also doesn’t have that ‘powdery’ finish (probably because it is so finely milled), but the pink tones are definitely noticeable on my skin and make my face look a bit ‘muddy’. If they had paler, less pinky shades, I’d love it! This keeps me matte for just a few hours, but I’m super oily so just a few hours is good when it comes to my skin.

I’m really happy with this powder. It’s loose, it’s ultra mattifying and it’s very finely milled, so much that I can’t even feel the powder on my face nor on my fingertips. The colour match however, isn’t that good. I would-be enjoying a paler shade a bit more or something translucent, this is just flat out pink on my face. I don’t think this is translucent but the extreme pink tones are a little bit too noticeable on the skin, to me.

You can buy the HEMA Finishing Loose Powder at HEMA for €3,75.


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