Max & More Baked Eyeshadow Review + Swatches

While I was looking for some props for my blog photography at Action, I came across the Max & More stand. Max & More is Action’s own brand and I remembered picking up some eyeshadows there two years back, which I really loved. Since I really love their lashes and as I used to really enjoy their baked eyeshadows, I decided to recall some memories and pick this up to review for you guys.


I think the packaging inside of the box looks really nice- it doesn’t look cheap at all with the matte black cardboard, but once you get the small palette out, the luxury level drops significantly. It’s a very cheap compact- small and nice to travel with, but I feel like it could break the second I let it fall. The lid is very sturdy, however. I do not feel like I can break it just by opening it, but at the stand itself some of the shadows were shattered without ever being opened, so be careful when taking them home!

I own the shade Ombre Bronze, a pretty quad full of shiny eyeshadows. This little compact comes with a pretty duo chrome pink with a gold shine to it, a pretty bronzed gold with that same golden shine, a dark brown which came out red on camera (I don’t know why!) and a black which is not super matte, but it’s a nice black. They all have really tiny glitters in the which gives them a very pretty glowy, shimmery effect. It also comes with a small one-sided sponge applicator which I’ll probably just throw away after the blog photos have been taken, but it may be nice for on the go. Since these eyeshadows are baked, you can wet them and the pigment will intensify! The sponge applicator should be handy for that, as it sucks up water (it’s a sponge, duh.)


To say the pigment intensifies when they’re applied with some water is an understatement. I’ve never in my entire life seen such gorgeous drugstore eyeshadows! The pigmentation is amazing. When they’re dry, they’re just okay, but because these are far below regular drugstore price it’s still really good. But when they’re wet, they almost beat my higher end shadows! The light pink shade becomes a gorgeous, pigmented duo chrome once the water hits it, which it already was, but you can really see the gold shine after wetting it. The light brown becomes a lot more golden too and the dark brown seems to have a bit of a red tone to it, but it’s still really pretty. While the black was weak at best when dry, it became a standard blackish-grey shade while wet.


Overall, I’m super happy with this little quad! I’m obsessed with the duo chrome light pink shade and the light golden brown shade, I think these are perfect colors for Fall and definitely something different. The black was just a little disappointing, but for a super cheap palette I think it did it’s job pretty wel.

You can buy the Max & More Baked Eyeshadows at Action for €1,29.

10 thoughts on “Max & More Baked Eyeshadow Review + Swatches

  1. Hi! It’s 2018 and I only got to know this product now that I have ’em. mine is in 439 Burgundy and I got to say it’s really really pretty. For a cheap price, this is a good buy. I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’M OBSESSED! ❤

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