Maybelline Lasting Drama 24H Automatic Gel Pencil Review + Swatches

A good drugstore eyeliner is hard to come by. A liner that’s super black, smudgeable, yet stays in place once it sets. Maybelline thinks they’ve got the solution- a smudgeable, gel formula that stays in place for twenty four hours. Let’s see if Maybelline lives up to its claims, shall we?


This liner looks like a typical, automatic liner- a pencil form with a twistable lid. It reminds me a lot of the Rimmel Exaggerate Lipliners, just twist and you get more product on the surface of the stick. I did have a hard time finding out how to twist it up- you can’t just twist the pencil and done, you have to push it up, then twist and use a bit of power. I don’t think this is a good way to get new product out as it takes some time to figure out how to exactly get it all out- I needed the store assistant (whom didn’t know how to do it, either) and then my dads girlfriend to try before we finally discovered how it worked.

Despite the hard time I had with getting new product out, when you learn how to do it, it’s quite easy. It just takes a bit of time to figure it all out. I think the pencil looks very sleek, by the way- the black pencil makes it easy to see what colour you’re grabbing and I’ve never seen a pencil like this with red letters before. I think it’s beautiful and it sticks out, yet it’s so simple and modern looking. I would’ve enjoyed a smudger on the other side of the pencil, but it’s easily smudgeable with my fingers or a brush, too, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Jut something that I’m personally used to.


Of course, the product on the inside is most important. This is truly a gel formula- it feels like a gel and once it’s set in place, it won’t budge anymore. It’s very smudgeable and I love to use it under my waterline to give the appearance of bigger eyes! I don’t think it stays on for that long, I mean, twenty four hours is a very long time, but it stays on my skin for quite a few hours. It’s very opaque and smudgeable until it sets, but of course, those are the results on regular skin- how does it hold up in my waterline?

It does take me about a swipe or two to get the same opaque blackness in my waterline than on my skin itself. Of course, this is because your waterline is, well, a bit more wet than skin and so it takes a swipe or two more to get the same colour payoff. Once it’s in my waterline, I don’t feel it anymore and it looks very, very black. The only problem I have with this eyeliner is that within a few hours or mixed with some of tears, it decides to just travel down your lower lashes onto the skin under the waterline (and it hangs in my lower lashes- gross!), giving a very tired look. Even though this gel eyeliner promises to be waterproof, I feel like it never truly sets the way it does on regular skin.


Overall, I do enjoy this eyeliner, but it’s not a holy grail and I certainly won’t repurchase. There’s no smudger incase you want to use it under your waterline or wherever else, it’s waterproof but doesn’t last in my waterline for as long  as I need it to.. It is very black and opaque how everyone, super creamy and doesn’t budge after it has set. It’s also very smudgeable.

The Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel 24H eye pencil can be bought from the drugstore for €7,99.


2 thoughts on “Maybelline Lasting Drama 24H Automatic Gel Pencil Review + Swatches

  1. Heyy, i recently received this for purchasing the maybelline lash sensational. One thing i faced with the eyeliner is that once i twist up excess product i just couldn’t twist it down. I was wondering if you’ve faced the same.

    Thank you.

  2. Yes. I faced the same problem too. I twisted up too much and then i couldnt make it go back. So I was just sitting there taking care not to spoil to remaining . Major dilemma😤

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