Quick Lush DIY!

Lush has the best face masks, in my opinion. I love the fact that I’m putting mostly natural, organic stuff on my face instead of a ton of chemicals and other crap. I’ve always wanted to make one myself, but I never really got around to it, until I hit up Paige a few days ago for a collaboration! We decided on making some masks together.


So I first wanted to do a Lush Brazened Honey mask, but I couldn’t find all of the ingredients. Lucky for me, I found some avocados, changed up a few ingredients and was able to create something more like an avocado-cashew mask. Read Eva’s post for the original recipe- I merely tried it out and changed a thing or two. Super creative and original, I know.


One avocado

Since avocado’s are creamy, they make a great base for a face mask. They’re also full of vitamins and they make your skin feel very soft!

Honey (three tablespoons)

Because I originally wanted to make the Brazened Honey mask, I decided I still wanted to incorporate some of that idea into my mask. Honey is very good for acne, scars, spots and blemishes. It also softens up your face, especially the cheeks!

Cashew nuts (about fifteen, or however much you want to throw in there)

I love cashew nuts! The idea I had is that they would make great exfoliating beads, but maybe it’s better to stick to the original recipe and use almonds- cashew nuts become way too fine if you blend them too long. They did really change the texture of the mask, however, it went from droopy to a lot more creamy! It’s also described as a natural skin stimulant.

Greek Yoghurt (five tablespoons)

So I really, really dislike greek yoghurt, but I figured it would really soften up my face and that’s always a good thing. Mine had 10% fat in there, but as long as you get any greek, creamy yoghurt it should be just fine.

Glycerin (one teaspoon)

So I didn’t actually use real glycerin– I just grabbed my Nivea Men Sensitive Aftershave Balm which has glycerin as a main ingredient in there. So you can’t eat this mask. I’m sorry. What this stuff does do, is lessen irritated skin, making it less red and angry. It’s also an ingredient in many primers and anti-aging products. Happiness in a bottle!


So what I did after getting all of the ingredients, was cut the avocado in small bits, first starting with one fourth of the avocado, but adding more as I went in with the other ingredients. Just use as much as you feel you need, until you get the consistency you like. I did the same with the greek yoghurt- I started out with two tablespoons, but ended up using five! I then blended those two ingredients together, added my Nivea Men Sensitive Aftershave balm, blended again and put in my honey. I put in two tablespoons, but I think I ended up using three of them just because I squeezed a lot of it in there without measuring how much I actually put in there. Oops!

The consistency wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be, it was a little bit too liquidy for my tastes and it lacked exfoliating properties, so I decided to add in my cashew nuts. This really changed up the consistency, but for the exfoliation part, it didn’t really do too much. I recommend blending in a few extra but not blending it for as long, that way the cashew nuts won’t be as pulverized and act a little bit more exfoliating.

So that’s it for this quick Lush DIY mask! Full credits go to Eva for sharing and creating the original recipe and thank you so much, Paige, for doing a collaboration with me! You guys can check out her mask here.


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