What’s in my school makeup bag?

My school is actually quite far away, plus waking up early is just not my thing. Therefore, I put together a little makeup bag to keep me occupied on the train when I do decide to sleep in a little, plus for touching up during the day, if needed. Today I’m sharing the products I … More What’s in my school makeup bag?

Why I Love BB Cream

BB cream is great and it is great for many reasons. I’m not talking about the BB Cream we just get at the drugstore, like Rimmel’s or L’Oreal’s BB creams, no, I’m talking about the real Korean BB creams. Today I want to talk about some facts I love about BB cream as well as … More Why I Love BB Cream

July Favourites

Finally I am able to include some summery favourites in this post! I discovered a ton of new things in July even though the weather has been very unpredictable lately. Luckily enough, we have just entered summer for real and it will all get better soon! I am celebrating with these favourite products of mine.

May Favourites

May hasn’t been a very, very big month for me, but I still managed to get a few new and old favourites together and make a little post about them! Today I’m showing you guys the products I have been enjoying in may.

April Favourites

April has been quite a spendy month for me, but I got a lot of new stuff to try and I also found a ton of new favourites that I really do recommend to you guys. Read more to discover all about my April discoveries!