I love really cool-toned, bright colours. Winter is long gone by now, and it’ll take a while to see her again, but since the spring weather just hasn’t caught up on the warmer weather too much yet, I decided to make an all cooled-down look for you guys today.

EOTD: Tropical

I love summer. To me, it means going to the beach, nature and bright, fresh colours. I made this look being inspired by some things I’m excited about for summer.

Small Makeup Haul

Finally, I got a bank account where I can pay for stuff online! I grabbed the oppurtunity and went to MakeupMustHaves to test the new internet thing out, and so far, I’m loving it! Which is why today, I’m showing you guys my little online shopping haul.

Drugstore favourites

In a lot of cases, the drugstore can be equally as good or even better than some higher end products- you just need to find the ones that work right for you and you can save you a lot of money. Today I’m showing you my top picks from the drugstore.

Mini W7 Haul

Hi everyone! Today I was biking back from school when I came across my dad who was with a friend. He then gave me €20, yay! So of course I bought some makeup, along with some W7 products I’ve been wanting to try out. They were, all together, only €8! How awesome is that? W7 … More Mini W7 Haul