The Real Neat Blog Award

i love being nominated for awards, as they really spread awareness about other blogs- I got tagged / nominated for this one by Nameless Val, thank you so much for thinking about me! This is also an award created by dearkitty1, so thank you so much, too, for creating it!

Would You Rather… (from The Pointless Book)

Hi guys! So, after reading a lovely review post on the Pointless Book and seeing some photos of it’s contents, I thought it would be really fun to answer some of the Would You Rather… questions in the book. Something random and not something I usually do / write for you guys, but here we go.

The Bedtime Tag

While I was just catching up on my social media and watching YouTube videos, I came across Fleur De Force’s Bedtime Tag- it was very interesting, so today I’m doing this tag for you guys as well.

Christmas Tag

1. Whats Your Favorite Holiday Movie? I don’t really watch a lot of movies (nor themed movies) but I’d love to go see a new movie around that time. Other than that I loved The Maze Runner. 2. What Are Your Favorite Christmas Colors? Red really makes me think of Christmas! But I also like … More Christmas Tag