Victoria’s Secret Body Lotion

I love a good shower gel. Or any good shower product that smells nice.
Victoria’s Secret is only available at Schiphol in Amsterdam, however a store near me started selling it, too, along with more than 50% off! In my excitement, I took one of their body lotions with me.


Victoria’s Secret bottles are so pretty. It’s pink with gold and a picture of the freesia flower and the text “Pure Seduction”.
It also opens and closes securely; you have to push to open the lid, then squeeze the bottle for the lotion to come out. It promises to be a moisturizing lotion which your body will absorb quickly.


Now this stuff, smells amazing. The pink creamy lotion feels really nice and spreads easily over my body. The smell is strong and lasts on my body for a while before fading. Upon application it feels so good and moisturizing and after my skin feels so soft. I love it!
This is kind of a thick and creamy consistency, but it’s also a little runny despite being a bit on the thicker side. and it spreads easily. You do not need too much.

I think it’s a great body product and I would definitely recommend it! Victoria’s Secret has a big line of scents and products and I hope to try out a lot more very soon.

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