Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm Review + Swatches

On one of my daily trips into the drugstore, I was eyeing up the Rimmel stand when I noticed these chubby sticks. They reminded me of the ones by NYC that I enjoy and remembered reading some good reviews about it. In a rush to get out, I picked up three of their gorgeous colours. Read on to see what I thought about them!


The packaging is nice and pretty, not too different from other chubby sticks, but still kinda cool. Obviously, it is a chubby stick, so it’s, well, a chubby stick. The chubbiness makes it look super cute! The product can easily be twisted up, so there’s more product than just the little bit that sticks out at the top. It’s a huge plus point that you do not have to sharpen it, as finding such a big sharpener can cost you a lot of time and additional money, plus, let’s not forget about the product loss you end up with if you’d have to sharpen constantly.

The chubby stick allows for a nice and easy application, even with the darker shades like the reds and dark pinks and stuff. These come in a pretty big variation of colours as well- nudes, pinks, browns, reds, corals, light shades, bright shades, you name it. They’ve got it all covered in a decent collection of shades. I own the shades Make Me BlushRumour Has It and The Redder The Better. I couldn’t agree more with the last shade!


They’re nice and pigmented, some more than others, but they stay on the lips for hours and fade into a nice stained type of look at the end of the day. It’s definitely moisturising upon application, but this fades quickly, resulting in a non-drying, slightly moisturising formula. It’s a little sticky and leans to the glossy side, but it definitely looks like a more pigmented coloured lip balm.

I am definitely a fan of these shades and I will make sure to buy a lot more! I want them all! I think these are great for back to school or for work, even for touching up since they’re so quick and easy to apply. And when you’re in a rush but still want to look good, that’s all you really want right?


The Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm’s can be bought at your local drugstore for 9,99 euro.

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