P.S Love Matte Long Last Lipstick Review

I love lipsticks, I love buying new lipsticks and I love buying good budget stuff. A while ago, I went to the Primark with my boyfriend, but the lipstick I got was full of glitter, which I was quite bummed about, so when I went to Primark again, I got the chance to try out their matte formula.

Today I’m reviewing this budget lipstick for you guys.


As always, starting with the packaging, I think it actually looks really pretty. It has a little bit of an higher-end look to it, with the golden lid and the colour of the lipstick you can see on the bottom, which is actually really handy. Sadly enough, the pretty packaging isn’t the best quality (but what do you want for €2) and I even experienced one of the lipsticks being twisted up slightly while the lid was still on it upon the first opening, causing a little bit of it to be broken off, as well as a slight scratch being in the lipstick, despite not ever being opened. I also had a bit of a hard time opening the lipsticks as they opened very… Stiff-like.



As for the product itself, I find it to be very sweet-smelling and tasting but also a little chemical. It’s like they tried to imitate the MAC lipsticks scent and taste, but in a more chemical way. They all smell kinda different, too- the most vibrant, pinky reddish shade smelled and tasted like caramel and the chemical taste was minimal, but the grey-ish shade tasted way too chemical for my tastes. Some of them apply pretty smooth, but others are a little bit on the stiff side. The product feels pretty creamy on my lips, and also slightly moisturizing. I wouldn’t say they’re entirely matte, but they aren’t on the satin / shiny side all that much, neither. The greyish colour did look a little weird on my lips, however, but the rest looked pretty good. They’re not 100% full coverage, but definitely medium buildable. They actually lasted me a few hours without budging, until I started to eat / drink stuff. After I had some Subway, the lipstick was almost completely gone.

IMG_1718 IMG_1721

I liked these lipsticks, despite their chemical smell and taste they were pretty good for a €2,50 euro lipstick. They aren’t perfect, but hey, what do you expect for a price like that? You can get them at Primark for, as mentioned earlier, €2,50 euros.

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