Wishlist March ’15

Spring is coming up and I’m looking to improve my blog. Of course, I need some new products to make a blog change happen, for the warmer weather coming up very soon and just to cater my needs (or well, things I think I need at least!).

Today, I’m showing you just what is on this month’s to-buy list.

Braun Silk Epil 7 Wet & Dry – €74,99
It might be a little bit early to start with shaving my legs, but I’m really excited for summer and I definitely need (want) this product instead of the standard shaving creams and products. It’s a lot safer for the oh so uncareful me who ends up shaving her skin off by accident and all the other troubles that come with the process of traditional shaving. The Braun Silk Epil Wet & Dry is amazing for me as it will remove my hairs even better, and the hairs will grow back thinner after a few weeks! Usually my hair grows back in a day or two. Sadly enough it’s quite pricy at over €100.

Canon 700D – €555 (with lens)


As mentioned earlier, I’m looking to step my blogging game up, and what better way to do this than get an actual camera? I’m currently taking pictures with my HTC One M8 and filming YouTube videos with my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I feel like the quality of my blog will significantly rise when I actually get myself a real camera, preferably with a flip screen so I can see myself while filming, of course.

Canon 18-55 mm lens – €119


This would be a nice lens for my camera to take up-close pictures and changing the zoom, which also brings me on to..

Canon 50 mm lens – €104


This lens. Thanks to this lens, I can make pictures and videos with the background faded out- a shame it doesn’t zoom in and out, but that’s what we have the Canon 22-55 mm lens for.

NuMe Lustrum Wand Set – $205


I’ve wanted this for so so so so soooo long as my own curling wand stopped working after just a year. Now I’m looking for quality, which is why I have my eye on the Lustrum set- five wands in one product and it will be there for me for the next few years. It will also make my hair shiny according to the reviews, so I’m very excited for that! What’s not to love?

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