The Versatile Blogger Awards

A little while back I got nominated for this award by Natalie Piddington– I just want to start off by saying, thank you so much! I think these are great little awards to spread the love and allow us to discover new blogs as well, so I’m glad to be a part of it.

These are the rules when you are nominated:

1. Post the award on your blog

2. Thank the person who nominated you

3. Share seven facts about yourself

4. Nominate 15 blogs

5. List the nominees and let them know

The facts:

1. Before this blog, I wasn’t very into makeup or fashion or anything like that, but I slowly grew obsessed with it and I love it.

2. I’ve been on hiatus for a few months but I’ve been planning out new posts all this time to guarantee new posts every other day.

3. I’m very bad at texting and I tend to forget to contact people all the time, making conversations stop very suddenly.

4. I have had multiple YouTube channels and a few Tumblr blogs including Ask character blogs before WordPress and my current YouTube channel.

5. I would love to do more fashion related posts on this blog as well as on the beauty channel.

6. I just went to Turkey and I love shopping there. Getting fake high end stuff that is amazing quality actually for a super low price is bomb.

7. I hate nail polishes as it makes my nails feel all sucky and disgusting and they chip on me within seconds. And with seconds I mean a day. I would love to get stiletto nails like Pia Mia and Kylie Jenner some day, though, as those are fake and don’t chip on me.

I usually do not nominate anyone, but I’ll name a few I want to nominate:



Laura Bruj



Sharon beauty prime

Mascara on the run

Polished by Amy

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