Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels Palette Review + Swatches

A small while back I purchased a few palettes from Makeup Revolution online. Some of them included blush, some eyeshadow, so today I wanted to show you guys my favourite eyeshadow palette.


The packaging is like the usual with Makeup Revolution, black, reflective, the golden letters and their brand name saying what the palette is (eyeshadow, blush) under it. You guys already know I love this packaging and this palette was actually easy to open! I guess my first Ultra 32 palette had a slight opening malfunction, but this one has been doing fine so far.


When you open the palette, you get to see a film paper with the names on there which I like to keep on for reference in eye looks and YouTube tutorials. Under there, you can find 32 gorgeous shades. When I first opened this palette in the car, I just had to swatch them because to me they looked so foily and nice. I’m glad to tell you guys some of them do actually have a nice foily-like finish! Which actually makes me really happy. The palette contains a mix of foil-like shades, shimmers, mattes, glittery shades and everything you could possibly want from a palette!

Black Stars, Green Dream, Peach Cream, Orchid, Sophisticated Pink, Dream, Pink Glow, Peacock Dream
Silver Star, Emerald Night, Lilac Shimmer, Purpled!, Cream, Pink!, Lilac Frost, Award
Pearl Necklace, Night Stars, Blue Sheen, Pink Frosted, Moss, Molton Chocolate, Choc!, Green Stars
Green Envy, Copper Dream, Bold Purple, White Light, Orange!, Aqua Dream, Truffle, Silver Dream

One thing about this palette, is that I was missing a transition colour. Choc! is what I use as a transition colour as of right now, in small amounts because of the glitter in there, but I would have loved to see some matte transition colours for in the crease. Then again, the Flawless Matte palette is full of such shades, but not everybody buys a palette just for that reason.


I love all of the colours in there, there are some interesting shades like Award which is a gorgeous light gold and Green Envy which is a gorgeous green shade that I have yet to use in a tutorial or eye look as of yet, but I certainly will! The colours feel quite soft and pigmented and I think these are just the same quality you would find in a higher and product.


This palette cost me just €10, so for that price I would run to your local SuperDrug or go online to get these! They are definitely worth your money and you get 32 gorgeous, pigmented and mainly soft shades in there.


6 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels Palette Review + Swatches

  1. I have been eyeing this palette up for while now definitely gonna have to get it now such gorgeous colours!

  2. I can definitely see the potential for great looks. Some of the colors I’m not loving but I love the deep shimmery one’s like emerald night. I cant’ get over something though, The color arrangements somehow get to me. It’s like they were just placed their randomly. though I guess you could get used to them given the time 🙂

    1. They are, the deep shimmery colours as well as the lighter ones are amazing! The mattes not so much, but I personally think any matte shade is super hard to get ‘right’ in colour payoff. The random placement used to bother me too, but now I think it looks kinda nice and unique. Some shades are put together like browns, but stuff like pinks are all over the place hahah! I’m a big fan of the purple and green shades. 🙂

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