Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo Review

This past sunday, I received very first product from Lush from my boyfriend. Thank you Nick! ❤ Curly Wurly is supposed to be Big’s tropical sister and has real pieces of coconut in the mix as well! Today I’m reviewing this tropical shampoo for you guys.


Curly Wurly comes in this big Lush pot which seems to be really nice quality. I really feel like Lush actually thinks about our environment and I like how they tell us to not put it in the regular trash, but come exchange five empty pots for a free face mask! Anyways, that aside, I think Lush packaging is fun and sturdy. It’s also not too big so it’s nice for traveling. I love how they’re not too serious with the text they put on their products, it gives everything a fun touch.


Thank you Nev!
Thank you Nev!
The product seems to be liquidy but solid at the same time. As mentioned earlier, there are actually small pieces of coconut in there which make it easier to scoop out some of the shampoo out of the pot. I did notice some pieces of coconut sticking to my hair the first time I used it- maybe it’s because I like to go for a really hot shower? It’s not hard to get out at all however, just make sure to rinse well and follow up with a conditioner so that you have to rinse it all out for a second time. I also recommend rubbing your hands together for a bit first, to spread the product into your hands and make it foam a bit more, before applying the product to the hair. This also makes the coconut pieces less sticky and easier to wash out!

I think it lathers quite nicely and after washing it out, my hair actually feels pretty soft! After doing some conditioning and deep conditioning and blow drying, I’m left with soft, shiny blonde locks that smell really nice. The smell lingers on both my hands and my hair for quite a few hours- the smell, by the way, is like a mix of honey and coconut to me, leaning more into the honey than the coconut. If you rub the product I between your hands for a bit and then apply it, however, the coconut smell comes through a bit more for some reason.


So far, I do like this product. It makes my hair smell really good and it does make it feel softer- I love the Lush packaging and I love the smell. I needed to warm up to the idea, but I’d love to repurchase this product once I run out!

The Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo can be bought from Lush stores as well as starting at €16,75.

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